Dr. Jim Eells is the Most & Leading Doctor When it Comes to Concierge Medicine

Dr. Jim EellsAlso known as retainer medicine, concierge medicine refers to a relationship between a primary care physician and a patient wherein the patient pays a yearly fee or retainer.As a replacement for the annual fee, the physician will render personalized care to this patient when needed.The physician must provide superior care via chiefly consigning to restricted patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for every patient. Dr. Jim is also in people files, you can read it here: https://peoplefiles.wordpress.com/dr-james-eells/

In addition to retainer medicine, concierge medicine is also known to many calls. It can also be called as membership medicine, direct care or cash-only practice.Whilst the entire exercises of concierge medicine share likeness, they still differ in many aspects. Extensively, they differ in their form of operation, structure, payment and requirements. Now, the era for concierge practitioners pursues to flourish and develop.For the most people nowadays, they want to acquire accessible and personalized care. This is mainly the reason behind their search for personalized healthcare physicians.

Dr. Jim EellsA 51-year-old general practitioner in Las Vegas Nevada in the name of Dr. Jim Eells certainly provides such concierge medicine.If concierge medicine is conventionally linked to the words wealthy and expensive, Dr. Eells is one of the premier healthcare physicians in Las Vegas, Nevada who provides reasonably-priced, personalized care to his patients.He is one of the latest doctors in the generation that provides personalized health care to patients who desire to further recognize their physician and expect to achieve comprehensive health care for a charge within their limited budget!

Dr. Eells graduated from the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine.He gained his board certification in 1989. The American College of Physicians gave this to him. Previous to studying medicine, Dr. Eells has a first degree. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry.Since 1992, he became licensed to practice his medical degree.Having a good educational background, he’s really good at work. It is not unpredictable that he has the full capacity to offer concierge medicine.

Having a total of twenty years and counting experience in the medical field, Dr. Eells has already been awarded with many awards. Some of the awards he has received include Compassionate Doctor Recognition, America’s Top Physician and Patient’s Choice Award.Generally, he is regarded as an exceptional doctor. Majority of his patients really look up to him.As said by his patients, Dr. Eells has all the good qualities that a doctor must be. He is concerned, welcoming and always interested to listen.